Lady Doom

Real Name

Liz Beckett

First Appearance

Tim Holt #30 (June-July, 1952)

Original Publisher

Magazine Enterprises

Created by

Frank Bolle and Gardner Fox?


Lady Doom possessed a mysterious and ancient "Death Wheel," that may have once belonged to King Solomon. For a price, she would allow men to spin the wheel and learn their fate. As the wheel's predictions came true, its legend began to grow, and Lady Doom travelled to different towns throughout the American Southwest, to offer men the chance to know their fate.

During the day, Lady Doom made her money as a performer. She was an expert knife thrower and a trick shot with a pistol. She claimed she could shoot three coins thrown into the air at twenty paces, or shoot the whiskers off a cat at 50 feet. Lady Doom also used a blow gun with a poison dart to knock her enemies out. She was fairly clever and very confident.

Golden Age Appearances

Tim Holt #30

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