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The Evernauts
Jenny Everywhere (team leader)

First Appearance

DeviantART (May 2016)

Created by

Robert Blezard


After Jenny Everywhere and her allies/friends arrived in the Dimension of the Void, they were befriended by the hero Helix Kheros of Centras. They soon become allies with him and his well-known super-powered family.

When Helix's sister, Argent Kheros, dies tragically fighting the villain Hellion, she passes on her powers to Jenny Everywhere through her family's matriarchal Paragon-Icon.

The exchange of powers was not exact, however. Jenny did not gain Argent's enhanced hearing or reflexes.

The matriarchal Paragon-Icon of the Kheros Family gives Jenny additional powers when in the Dimension of Centras (where she is known as "Lady Jenna").

In addition her shifting power, she has control over the elements (specializing with lightning) and can fly with incredible speed. While she isn't indestructible in Centras, she gains three times her normal strength, and her bones & skin are twice as dense as normal.

Lady Jenna is highly respected in Centras and is seen as great hero in many of the dimension's realms. She spend a great deal of time fighting alongside Helix Kheros, but she considers him more like a step-brother than a serious romantic interest (much to his chagrin).

She considers Tiberion Kheros, Helix's father, to be a surrogate father figure, although she doesn't always agree with his beliefs.

When Jenny arrived in the Void, she was not alone. With her came Jimmy Wherever (her boyfriend), Jenny Somewhere (her clone), Jenny Anywhere (her copycat), Johnny Everywhere (her transgender duplicate), and Jimmy Anytime (the copycat's boyfriend). It isn't known why they were all together, but they may have been fleeing the Changeling, Jenny Elsewhere, and Jenny Nowhere — who all showed up in Centras soon after Helix Kheros encounters Jenny and her "team" in the Dimension of the Void and invites them to visit Centras.

Like Jenny, most of them have gained a power boost simply by being in the Dimension of Centras. Each is listed below with the additional powers they only gain while in the Dimension of Centras.

"The Evernauts"

"The Evernauts" is the nickname that Helix Kheros gave Jenny and her "team." It is used extensively throughout the Dimension of Centras, as well many of the neighboring dimensions.

  • Jimmy Wherever (The Shiftee, Hound, Redleaf): Triple his normal strength but, usually, no other powers (see below for more details). He is not fond of Lady Jenna's growing relationship with Helix Kheros.
  • Jenny Somewhere (Miss Trouble): She can teleport but it is imperfect; she can only teleport to a place she hasn't been. She can also see through solid objects (but not wood).
  • Jenny Anywhere (Lady Jens): Like Jenny, she is strong with dense bones & muscles. She can hover in place but cannot truly fly. She can sense things before they happen, however.
  • Johnny Everywhere (Jo-Man, Lord Jonns): He can breathe underwater, has triple his normal strength, and an unnatural knack for engineering.
  • Jimmy Anytime (Sensor, Deathwatch, Blueleaf): He can see up to one year in the future and can sense the emotions of others simply through touch (also, see below). If a person he touches is fated to die within a year, he will see their death in a nightmare. While he cannot change that person's fate, he can warn them of the danger. (He was unable to prevent the death of Argent Kheros.)

The Evernauts do not work together all the time, but they will come together to battle the evil rogues that followed them to Centras. The "team" was pivotal in defeating agents of the tyrants of Vreggos who tried to invade and subvert Anuthra, Helix's home world.

When Jimmy Wherever and Jimmy Anytime fight alongside each other, they each gain the powers of the other, as long as they remain within 100 feet each other. Once they go their separate ways, these extra abilities fade within 4 hours. If they clasp hands, the duo can merge into one being for up to 24 hours. In this form, they can fly and have herculean strength. They call themselves Magenta Man when they merge. They rarely do so, as it is hard on their minds. After the merging is over, they are emotionally linked for 12 hours.

Rogues Gallery

  • Johnny Anything (Changeling): While in Centras, the changeling can stretch his body in almost any way imaginable and he can duplicate himself up to three times for a maximum of 24 hours. He must wait another 24 hours before doing so again. The Changeling is considered a dangerous villain throughout the dimension. The arch-villain Hellion considers the Changeling to be a dangerous foe that is a risk to Hellion's dreams of power.
  • Jenny Elsewhere (Gueneverix): Jenny Elsewhere gained all the same powers (*) as Jenny Everywhere (despite not having a paragon-icon), as well as the ability to pass through solid objects (except precious metals, for some reason). As well, she has gained a considerable amount of influence in the Dimension. She considers the arch-villain Hellion to be an important ally. In the Dimension of Centras, she is known as Gueneverix. * Gueneverix specializes with fire rather than lightning.
  • Jenny Nowhere (Lady Ruin): Jenny Nowhere has very different powers from the other rogues while in Centras. She has the ability to block temporal travel and shifting within 100 feet of her. Also, she can age a person by 10 years simply by touching them. She can do this over and over to the same person but must wait a week before using the power again. In the Dimension of Centras, she is known as Lady Ruin.

These villains rarely work together (anymore).


"The characters of Jenny Everywhere, Jimmy Wherever, Jenny Somewhere, Jenny Anywhere, Johnny Everywhere, Jimmy Anytime, Johnny Anything, Jenny Elsewhere, Jenny Nowhere, the Evernauts, and the Dimension of Centras are available for use by anyone, with only one condition: This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Jenny Everywhere, Jimmy Wherever, Jenny Somewhere, Jenny Anywhere, Johnny Everywhere, Jimmy Anytime, Johnny Anything, Jenny Elsewhere, Jenny Nowhere, the Evernauts, and the Dimension of Centras in order that others may use these properties as they wish. All rights reversed."

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