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Ice wall
The Ice Wall Mountain, prior to Captain Flash breaking it

Real Name


First Appearance

Captain Flash #3 (1955)

Original Publisher


Created by

Mike Sekowsky

Captain flash cover 003 detail

Dinosaurs freed from the ice as they appear on the cover of issue #3.

Golden Age Origin

Professor Keith Spencer is told by Dr. Magnum how the lab's Uranium shipment has deteriorated. Spencer transforms into Captain Flash then flies him and Ricky to source of the Uranium, Lakossas in Africa.

They are greeted warmly by the tribe chief Ewa, and inform him that the "magic ore has gone bad. The medicine man Di-Ku defends careless excavation by saying that the plant doesn't pay well. Di-Ku desires to seize control from Ewa and "accidently" knocks him into a leopard pit. Flash dives into the pit and saves Ewa, forcing Di-Ku to later try to poisoning Ewa’s drink – only for Ricky to instead drink it.

Di-Ku tells them that the cure is a flower that can be found behind the “ice wall mountains”. Ewa and Flash go to find the cure, as Di-Ku sends his henchman Bana to follow them.

Captain Flash manages to shatter the ice mountain, but releases dinosaurs that were frozen in the ice - he's however able to defeat them. Ricky overhears Di-Ku and Bana conspiring to ambush the two upon their return and so he warns them just in time. Flash defeats Di-Ku and Bana, sending them to jail.


(from left to right) Captain Flash, Di-Ku, Ewa, the Uranium plant

Golden Age Appearances

  • Captain Flash #3

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