Lance Bloodman

Real Name

Lance Bloodman

First Appearance

Horrific #12 (July 1954)

Original Publisher

Comic Media

Created by

Marty Elkin


Lance Bloodman was found in the ocean and rescued by a couple who had escaped in a lifeboat following the sinking of their cruise liner. The couple's name were given as John Doe and his wife, Jane. In the rescue, John thinks to himself, "Say, he's a handsome, Satanic looking devil, isn't he?"

The three on the lifeboat took shifts, Lance preferring the nightshift. One night, John is awakened to find Lance taking his lifeblood. Lance is a vampire, and he tells John of this fact while Jane sleeps. Lance makes a bargain with John, which includes that Lance will only take John's blood and leave Jane alone.

When they are rescued, John threatens to expose Lance to the police. Lance reminds him the shame he would face with Jane and the world at large if John were to do that. He continues his activities as a vampire in the world at large, leaving John to fend for himself.

Powers and Abilities

Lance Bloodman has the abilities commonly attributed to vampires, including extending his life through drinking blood and shape-shifting into the form of a bat.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Horrific #12


  • After relating this tale, Victor Vampire reveals that he is John Doe, and the story is his origin as a Vampire.