Lance Gregg

Real Name

Lance Gregg

First Appearance

Space Patrol #2 (Oct.-Nov. 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Gill


Lance Gregg is a crack space pilot and officer with the Inter-Planetary Security Police. Following the forth time Lance Gregg cracked up his space ship, Lance has his license is revoked by his employer, Walters, until he reforms. Telling his fiance, Thura, of the incident, the couple break up. Sadly, Thura returns the ring Lance gave her.

Lance becomes a space tramp, hanging around space ports. Major Malo approaches Lance at one of these establishments and offers Lance a job smuggling cargo. Lance questions Malo at delivering to the planet Corso, a known location for space pirates. One of the boxes is dropped, revealing the cargo to be "shock ray guns".

Gregg refuses to deliver to the pirates, knowing the weapons will be used to make raids on ships. Malo and his men capture Lance by knocking him over the head with a crowbar. Malo sends the incapacitated Lance on board a ship to dispose of him. Malo takes the ship full of weapons to Corso.

Lance becomes conscious and escapes the bonds and beats Malo's men. He flies the ship to Corso, telling the Corso Security Service of Malo's plans. Gregg meets the smuggler's ship with a Corso Security squad and confronts Major Malo. Gregg beats Malo.

Walters reinstates Gregg's pilot's license. Thura and Gregg make amends, with Gregg asking her to "wear his ring for keeps". Thura accepts and kisses Gregg.

Skills and Abilities

Lance Gregg is an expert "space pilot" and hand-to-hand combatant.


In Lance Gregg's first appearance, his hair is auburn or red in color. In his later appearance, it is blonde. No note on any reason for the change.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #17
  • Space Patrol #2

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