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Laughing Mask

Real Name

David "Davey" Manly

First Appearance

The Iron Claw (Film, 1916)

Original Publisher

Edward José Productions

Created by

George B. Seitz


The Laughing Mask was a hooded crime fighter who helped Margery Golden escape the clutches of the Iron Claw, and returned her to her father. Davey was Mr. Golden's secretary, and became a suitor to Margery. As the Laughing Mask, he wore a black trench coat, gloves and hood, a fake moustache and beard and a white hat. He was very athletic, a good climber and fighter, and he always carried a revolver. He was also quite cunning and an astute detective.


  • The Iron Claw (Film, 1916)


  • Not to be confused with unrelated Marvel's Laughing Mask character who is NOT public domain.
  • Harry L. Fraser the actor who portrayed the Laughing Mask was a writer on the Captain America Serial.

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