The Laughing Puppeteer

Real Name


First Appearance

Feature Comics #37 (October, 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by

Lou Fine

Golden Age Origin

Bombasto was a talented puppeteer, well known for his extremely human-looking marionettes. His secret was that his marionettes were actually shrunken human corpses of people he had abducted and killed. He was eventually discovered and stopped by Doll Man.

Bombasto abducted people with brute physical strength and was sufficiently powerful to put up a fight against Doll Man. Bombasto was aided by his assistant, Giuseppe, and a team of henchmen. He lived in a secluded manor, and transformed people into marionettes using some elaborate process involving a cauldron, down in the basement. He was a happy soul who like to laugh and sing. He seemed to be Italian.

Golden Age Appearances

Feature Comics #37

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