Lawrence Dawson

Real Name

Lawrence Dawson

First Appearance

Fantastic Fears #5 (May 1953)

Original Publisher


Created by

Steve Ditko


Lawrence Dawson lived his entire life with debilitating brittle bones. This turns his personality dour. When Doctor Boyle successfully treats Dawson, Dawson discovers he has abilities to stretch and contort.

Dawson murders Boyle by strangling him with his elongated hands. He discovers returning to normal form is difficult, so he seeks out the assistance of the noted scientist, Doctor Harrell. While Harrell is trying to treat him, Dawson finds out Harrell knows about Doctor Boyle's work on Dawson, which could lead to Harrell figuring out Dawson was Boyle's murderer.

Dawson kills Doctor Harrell as well and flees to his apartment. He realizes he's murdered the two men who could have helped him. The police find Doctor Boyle's appointment book with Dawson's appointment listed.

Pursued by the law to his apartment, Lawrence Dawson refuses to come out. When the police enter, they find him melting.

Public Domain Appearances

Fantastic Fears #5

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