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Lawrence Mason

Real Name

Lawrence Mason

First Appearance

Fantastic Fears #4

Original Publisher

Farrell Publication

Created by

Jerry Iger (?)


Lawrence Mason lives on a secluded luxury island with his butler, Williams. The island is infested with snakes, causing a detestation in Lawrence. He tries to kill as many snakes as he can using his revolver. On a particularly rainy night, a beautiful woman named Asptha comes to his house seeking shelter. Lawrence of course falls in love with her.

One day as the pair is out walking, Asptha falls into a pit. Lawrence follows down to rescue her. He soon finds himself surrounded by venomous snakes. As she tranforms into a snake, Asptha tells him she is the "Queen of the Snakes." After a bitter struggle, Lawrence is overcome with the superior numbers of snakes.


  • Lawrence Mason is a crack shot with a revolver.

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