The League of Destiny

Team Roster

Left to Right: Dimensiongate, Deflagra, Definitiveguy, Demarche, Dashman, and I, Deltic. Not Pictured: Deep Diva

First Appearance

Free Universe Forums - May 2010

Original Publisher

Free Universe

Created by

Dominic Bennetts


The League of Destiny are a team of heroes who get tired of always having to put on the good face for the public, and who sometimes want to kick back, or perhaps even build up a new persona after some disaster or scandal that tarnished the good name of their original hero alias. With a core of seven founders, the team expanded the actual roster of the team. It now numbers in the tens or perhaps even above a hundred, as the telepath coordinator calls upon particular people to suit particular missions.

All members of the team are free to hang around at the headquarters and just be themselves. Generally for missions the people take on codenames that begin with D, such as Omega Frost becoming Deepfreeze, Worldhopper becoming Dimensional, etc etc. The team is 'global' in that it has people scattered across the world but, isn't officially sponsored by any nation because they're essentially a band of dicks and disaster areas who don't conform to the shining template of Astro-Man and other such heroes. In a way, they're almost comparative to the Outsiders, in that they'll do what's necessary even if people will hate them for it, but they're also just a very dysfunctional group.


As previously mentioned, the team now numbers in the tens or perhaps even above a hundred members. However, the core seven are as follows:

  • Definitiveguy (Team Leader): American. The archtypical paragon, his powers are flight, superstrength, durability, etc etc. He's the guy who came up with the idea for the group when reinventing himself from his previous alias of Ultravox after a public scandal, and is the so-called leader of the group. In reality, he's an old coot of some 80 years or so, steadily going senile and fixed in his old fashioned ways. Despite this, he's the undisputed powerhouse of the League and thus remains valuable.
  • Demarche: Afrian-British. The second-in-command, Demarche is the team coordinator, as his power is vast telepathic ability, allowing him to mentally link up the various team members for mental communication and to track logistics and coordinate strategies. He works out of the Tower and rarely attends field missions.
  • Dashman: Spanish. The speedster of the team, he's the hit-and-run guy and the one used for speed missions, and serves as a secondary relay when Demarche is out of action.
  • Deflagra: Russian or Serbian. The 'heavy firepower' of the team, she's a skilled pyrokinetic.
  • Dimensiongate: Asian-Oceanic. The blonde hair is dyed, and his blue eyes are actually glowing blue implants. From the cartoon image he just looks Caucasian, but he's supposed to be teched-up Asian. The transporter of the group, his techsuit allows him to teleport short range, as well as create open portals to transport the rest of the team from place to place. His fighting style is centred on his teleporting.
  • Deep Diva: Something of a tag-along, this girl is an aquatic humanoid from the depths of the ocean. She was cast out from her tribe for her paramutations, but it is these same traits that allow her to actually survive above the crushing pressures of the deep for short periods of time. Not beautiful looking, rather somewhat scaly and having aquatic adaptations, her superpowers are merely the side results of her aquatic physiology.
  • I, Detic: Middle-Eastern or Mediterranean. Blessed with photographic memory and reflexes, Detic is otherwise purely baseline. She's a highly trained gadgeteer with the ability to instantaneously learn and recall anything she experiences. She's mastered speed reading and listening and the like, and acts as a 'mental database' for the team. She's always got some pointless trivia and a whacked-out design for just the situation in her head.


  • "The characters involved in The League of Destiny are available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving The League of Destiny, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed."
  • The team was created on the Free Universe forums and billed as "The Open-Sourced Justice League."

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