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Lifto the Living Elevator
Lifto sm

Real Name

Danny Forscythe

First Appearance

February 18, 2011

Original Publisher

Heroes and Henchmen

Created by



Having grown up in poverty in the early 1900s, Danny Forscythe worked several jobs to earn the money for a college education. One of these occupations was a stint running an elevator within a ritzy hotel. The elevator, as an invention, caught Danny's interest and he focused on learning everything necessary to become an elevator repairman.

This lead to a long-lasting career. Danny quickly became a local celebrity for his sharp problem-solving skills, freeing several high-ranking citizens from various stalled and malfunctioning elevators.

During a repair job in a high rise one fateful night, a fire broke out and quickly spread to all the lower floors. Instead of fleeing for his life, Danny stayed on and freed a handful of trapped residents. Danny brought them up and out of danger seconds before they could fall victim to smoke inhalation. By the time the fire was under control, he had become even more of a hero.

This sparked his imagination once more. Elevators were very efficient when it came to moving people and objects... what if, when you needed to be taken out of danger, the elevator could come to you?

Using spare parts and pieces recovered from abandoned buildings, Danny assembled a mechanical suit of armor that could realize his strange dream. With this suit, he became Lifto the Living Elevator.

As Lifto, Danny could effectively carry innocent people out of harm's way and take evildoers straight into police custody. This was the case for many years until Danny eventually retired from the hero business. For some time he sought a replacement, but his insistance that the Lifto elevator theme remain unaltered drove away what few interested parties there had been.

Powers and Abilities

  • Genius intellect, expert inventor.

Weapons and Accessories

  • Gigantic elevator-themed suit of robotic armor.


Lifto the Living Elevator is a Creative Commons character. The license covering this character essentially states that ANYONE can use it for ANYTHING as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • It gives credit to the heroes and henchmen site.
  • It's non-profit (Exceptions can be made for indie comics if premission is attained beforehand).
  • Others can use your changes if they so choose.

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