Lightning Bryce

Real Name

Sky "Lightning" Bryce

First Apperance

Lightning Bryce (1919)

Production Company

National Film Corporation of America

Created by

Joe Brant


Lightning Bryce appeared in a 1919 film serial of 15 installments starring Jack Hoxie.

When the father of Sky "Lightning" Bryce is accused of murdering his prospecting partner, the daughter of the victim, Kate Arnold turns against Lightning. Bryce's father gave the knife to the sheriff, telling him the knife was intended for Lightning. The string he intended for Kate. When the string is wrapped about the knife, it would reveal the location of the indian treasure the two men discovered. Meanwhile, "Powder" Solvang knows the knife and string contains the map to the treasure Kate and Lightning found, and will do anything to recover it.

Plot synopsis

Two prospectors find a hidden treasure of gold, sacred to the Conche (spelled "Couche" in part 1, corrected in ensuing episodes) Indian Tribe, who desire to protect it. The first prospector is the father of Sky "Lightning" Bryce. Bryce's father decides to preserve the location by utilizing a knife. Wrapping a string around the knife, he uses a pencil to write the location on the string. If something happens to the prospectors, he intends the knife is to go to Lighting and the string to Kate Arnold (portrayed by Ann Little), the daughter of the other prospector. One of the Indians (who is revealed in Episode 9 to be named Zambeau) seeks to protect the treasure. He blows blows a pipe of "mystic vapors" onto Bryce's father while the latter sleeps. On awakening, the father of Bryce sees Arnold's father as a wolf. Bryce's father subsequently kills the other man with the knife.

Lighting Bryce film poster.

Bryce's father confesses to the killing on his deathbed, telling the sheriff to give the knife to Bryce, and the string to Kate Arnold. A Mystery Woman, as she is called, surreptitiously switches the knife out for a different knife when the sheriff leaves it on a chair in his office. "Powder" Solvang (Paul Hurst), the Sheriff's Deputy, hears about the string and knife. He works to possess it so he can recover the treasure for himself. Pursued by Solvang, watched over by the Mystery Woman, and dogged by an indian sent to get revenge for and recover the two stolen pieces of gold, Lightning Bryce has plenty to keep him busy throughout the serial.


Sky "Lightning" Bryce is an expert equestrian, livestock handler, hand-to-hand combatant, and gunman with both pistol and rifle. He also possesses a high pain threshold and an indomitable will. Lightning is a good-hearted cowboy seeking justice in all matters.


During filming, Jack Hoxie was seriously injured while wrestling with a trained wolf. It bit him in the leg.

File:Lighting Bryce Episode 01

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