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Little Miss Murder

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Little Miss Murder

Real Name

Mrs. Mara (formerly)

First Appearance

Doll Man #13 (Summer, 1947)

Original Publisher


Created by

Al Bryant

Origin Edit

Little Miss Murder was already a skilled and experienced killer when she married Mike Mara, a notorious gangster. After poisoning her husband, she took over his gang and proved to be a cunning and ruthless crime boss in her own right. She behaved very politely, wore the anachronistic trappings of a southern belle and feigned a dainty disposition, but in reality, she was a tough and cold hearted monster. She used a number of disguised weapons to kill, including a parasol that concealed a rifle in the shaft, and a powder compact, with poisoned powder. She also knew how to kill by plunging one of her hat pins into a victim's eye. She also carried handguns and a tarantula. She managed to capture the hero Doll Man, but he freed himself and brought Little Miss Murder to justice. She swore that he would see her again.

Golden Age Appearances Edit

  • Doll Man #13

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