Lone Rider

Real Name

Jim Larrimore

First Appearance

Lone Rider #1 (April 1951)

Original Publisher

Ajax-Farrell Productions

Created by

Jack Kamen

Golden Age Origin

In the American west of the 1880s, when criminals or danger threatened, rancher Jim Larrimore would become the Lone Rider. The Lone Rider had a Pinto horse called Lightning, named after the lightning-shaped blaze on his forehead. Early in his career he had a Mexican guitar-playing sidekick named Diego and a young Native American named Bright Feather. Later he became close friends and blood-brothers with the Native American warrior Golden Arrow (not the Fawcett Character), whose name was later changed to Swift Arrow.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Lone Rider #1-26
  • The Rider #1-5
  • Swift Arrow #1-5


  • The Lone Rider was also a character that had his own comic strip created by Jack Kirby which was re-printed in Famous Funnies. The basic look of the characters were the same, but whether it was the same character or not is unclear.
  • The character was briefly revived as The Rider but that it was short lived with just 5 issues published.

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