Lone Wolf

Real Name

Michael Lanyard

First Appearance

The Lone Wolf (Novel, 1914)

Original Publisher

Created by

Louis Joseph Vance


The Lone Wolf was a skilled cracksman and jewel thief, who eventually reforms and becomes a detective. Born around 1888-1889, the man who later became Michael Lanyard was found wandering in Paris when he was only 4-5 years old by an Irish criminal named Bourke. Bourke raised Michael from that point, and he was taught not to trust or rely on anyone but himself. However, he eventually decided to go straight for the sake of Lucy Shannon, who he later married. His adventures took place in New York and throughout Europe.

In the 1919 film, The False Faces, a man named Karl Ekstrom, aka Ekstrom, the Hun (played by Lon Chaney) , orders the wartime execution of Lanyard's beloved sister with whom he was living at the time. Lanyard vows revenge against Ekstrom,

As Lanyard states, "When I stood over her grave I dedicated my life to the extermination of Ekstrom and all of his breed." He pursues Ekstrom as the latter attempts to retrieve secret documents stolen from the Germans for Allied Intelligence.

Public Domain Literary Appearances

  • The Lone Wolf (1914)
  • The False Faces (1918)
  • Alias The Lone Wolf (1921)
  • Red Masquerade: Being the Story of The Lone Wolf's Daughter (1921)

Public Domain Film Appearances

  • The Lone Wolf (1917)
  • The False Faces (1919)
  • The Lone Wolf's Daughter (1919)

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