Long Bow

Real Name

Long Bow

First Appearance

Jumbo Comics #141 (1950)

Original Publisher

Fiction House

Created by

Robert Webb

Golden Age Origin

Long Bow was a young Blackfoot Indian who was alive during the days of colonial America. He was orphaned when his parents, Great Bow and Looking Glass, were killed by members of the Crow tribe. He then took up and had adventures with the kindly Trapper Jim.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Jumbo Comics #141-160
  • Indians #1-17
  • Long Bow #1-9
  • Firehair #9
  • Indians of the Wild West #9 (I.W. Publishing)


  • Long Bow was reprinted in a 31 issue self-titled series by U.K. publisher Atlas Publishing (not to be confused with the American companies of the same name) and in two issues by Canadian company Superior Publishers Limited.

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