Lt. Fletcher
Lt fletcher

Real Name

Lt. Brad Fletcher

First Appearance

Champion Comics #2 (1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Harry Parkhurst

Golden Age Origin


Lt. Brad Walker fighting one of Neptina's Fish Men.

Lieutenant Brad Fletcher, "the Navy's best undersea expert," was sent to invesigate the disappearance of U.S. submarines. What he found was a race of fish-men ruled by the human looking Neptina who sought to go to war with the surface.The fish men give Brad a special bubble for breathing underwater and rub a chemical on his skin making it waterproof and resistant to undersea pressure.

Neptina was attracted to Brad and was jealous of the attention he payed to her prisoner Norma Kane. Neptina planned to harvest the lungs and vocal chords from Norma in order to breathe outside of water and speak. However, Lt. Fletcher was rescued by the Maella, a band of female outlaws led by Mhera, who helped him fight Neptina. The wicked Queen of the Sea could not stop them from escaping with Norma before she could complete her plans.

Later, Neptina reformed after being dethroned by her sister Mhera and sought the help of Lt. Fletcher and his friends, Whitey and Norma, in regaining her throne from her sister and her new love interest Prince Eon of Polaris' throne from King Walro of the Walrus Men. Together Lt. Fletcher and Neptina restore both of the rightful rulers to their respective thrones.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Champion Comics #2-17

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