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Lone Rider #2 (June 1951)

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Mallory, Lu-Lu's boyfriend, shows up at the dance hall owned by Jeanne Bonnet, who is also the masked bandit called the Two Gun Gal. Mallory confronts Jeanne, demanding that she let Lu-Lu leave her employ and stop tempting her with high wages. Jeanne slaps him and tells her bouncers to toss him out. After trying to get Jeanne Bonnet's bouncers to stop beating Mallory as they oust him , Lu-Lu tries to fight with Jeanne and loses. When threatened to be fired, Lu-Lu begs to Jeanne to keep working for Jeanne. Jeanne retains Lu-Lu as lieutenant in the masked all-girl gang organized by Jeanne.

When a scared Lu-Lu is ordered to hold up Dapper Dan, he slaps her and makes her drop her gun. She is turned over to the sheriff and tells him everything about Jeanne Bonnet and her gang. After Lu-Lu confesses, pointing the finger at Jeanne for heading the bandits, Jeanne shoots her dead through the barred window of the jail.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Lone Rider #2

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