Lucky Coyne
Lucky coyne

Real Name

"Lucky" Coyne

First Appearance

Funny Picture Stories v2 #1 (Sept 1937)

Original Publishers


Created by


Golden Age Origin

Lucky Coyne was a hard-boiled police detective and later a sergeant, private eye, and reporter. He was helped by Terry and sometimes Detective Mike McDune. As a reporter, he was also aided by the beautiful Kitty.


He carried a coin which when faced with a key decision he would flip. Heads would mean to take action, while tails would mean do nothing. Coyne was skilled detective, athlete, and marksman. 

Golden Age Appearances

  • Funny Picture Stories v2 #1
  • Cocomalt Big Book of Comics #1
  • Little Giant Comics #1
  • Star Comics v1 #14
  • Keen Detective Funnies v2 #6
  • Top-Notch Comics #1
  • Amazing Adventure Funnies #2
  • Dynamic Comics #1-3,8,10-15
  • Red Seal Comics #14-18,20-21
  • The Weekender v2 #1
  • Authentic Police Cases #1,3
  • Lucky Coyne #1

Silver Age Appearances

  • Daring Adventures #16
  • Danger #12


  • Lucky Coyne was created by the Harry “A” Chesler studio and packaged to several different companies including Centaur, Chesler, MLJ, Rucker, St.John, and Bell Features Syndicate. Because of this, details concerning the character were obviously inconsistent from company to company.
  • The story from Dynamic Comics #1 was reprinted by St. John in Strange Terrors #1, Crime Reporter #2, and Authentic Police Cases #8. Lucky Coyne was re-named and re-colored in each reprint as Kensington Slade, Rocky Stone, and Jinx Jordan respectively.

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