Madam Madcap

Real Name

Doris and Dorcas Darcan

First Appearance

The Masked Woman (in The Evening World, June 1, 1920)

Original Publisher

The Evening World

Created by

Johnston McCulley


William Darcan, aka William Duncan, was a wealthy man who became the leader of band of thieves, simply for the thrill of committing burglaries. When members of his own gang betrayed him, trying to get at his money, he was sentenced to 25 years in prison. His twin daughters, Doris and Dorcas, were heartbroken that their 50 year old father may never get out of prison alive. They plotted to gain revenge on those who had betrayed their father, by organizing them into a new gang. As the mysterious Madam Madcap, the girls led the new gang, and betrayed each member, one by one, sending them to jail. The girls had vast resources, and were exceptionally clever, framing and blackmailing criminals, without ever stealing any property but their own.

The girls were said to be completely identical, and one was described as follows:

"She probably was twenty-four. Her features were regular, charming. There was an adorable dimple just where a dimple should nestle against the chin. Her eyes were blue and her hair was almost golden."

As Madam Madcap, the girls wore a black mask to cover their facial features, as well as expensive clothing and jewlery. They were aided by Sambo, a tall, heavily muscled black man, who had once been a loyal member of their father's gang.

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