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Madame Doom
Madame Doom

Real Name

Madame Doom

First Appearance

Smash Comics #4 (1939)

Original Publisher

Quality Character

Created by

Will Eisner

Golden Age Origin

The Many Faces of Madame Doom

The Many faces of Madame Doom (in chronological order)

Madame Doom was a European adventuress and a spy who sold her services to the highest bidder, even if that highest bidder happens to be one of the Axis powers. She was a recurring opponent of Black X, an American secret agent. During their first encounter, Black X and Madame Doom found themselves developing feelings for each other, even as they continued to oppose each other. During their next few encounters Madame Doom tried to convert Black X to her side while Black X tried to convert her to his. This culminated with Black X resigning from Secret Service to be with Madame Doom. For some reason, Madame Doom decided this meant that he would help her with her latest plot to assassinate Allied ambassadors, a plot that involved chemically induced suicide bombers. When the appalled Black X rejected her, she blew herself up.

Somehow, Madame Doom managed to survive, reappearing in Smash Comics #20. From that point on, the romantic tension between her and Black X vanished and they became ordinary antagonists. In Smash Comics #27, Madame Doom aided Black X against a mutual enemy, Franz Wetzel, but she wound up double-crossing Black X at the very end.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Smash Comics #4,8,12,14,20,21,23,24,26,27,28,31,41

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