Madame Strange
Madame strange

Real Name

Madame Strange

First Appearance

Great Comics #1 (November 1, 1941)

Original Publisher

Great Comics Publications

Created by

Chuck Winter

Golden Age Origin

Mysterious, beautiful and cloaked with an unknown identity, Madame Strange matched her nerve and strength against grim foes whom threatened America's far-flung air outposts and naval stations.

To accompany her amazing physical speed and strength, Strange was blessed with a great arm and pin-point accuracy which she displayed on several occasions, wielding a plethora of throwing knives often used to best her enemies.

This belle's skills however, were not limited to the ground.

She was also a skilled pilot capable of aerobatic maneuvers, with still enough wherewithal to drop bombs on moving targets below.

Her adversaries included the likes of Bohlog, Bonza, Dingo Bill, and The Octopus.

Her first two appearances in Great Comics were produced by Charles A. Winter (Chuck Winter), under the pseudonym, "Achmed Zudella". Winter only used this pen-name for Madame Strange strips.

In her final appearance (Great Comics #3), the character of Madame Strange was given to two new people. Writer Jean Press, and Penciler/Inker Silang Isip.


Strange's New Attire (Great Comics #3)

Taking away her throwing knives and replacing them with a riding crop, Press and Isip also suited the heroine in all-new (less revealing), attire, and provided her with a new identity as a known newspaper reporter.

Her speed, strength and piloting skills remained.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Great Comics #1-3


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