Madame Vulture

Real Name

Madame Vulture

First Appearance

"Wow" Comics #16 (1942)

Original Publisher

Commercial Signs of Canada/Bell Features

Created by

Edmund Legault (as E.T. Legault)


Madame Vulture was described as "The Sea Queen" and appears to have been the leader of a band of pirates. She and her men hid out in a large, slimy, rat infested castle on cliffs overlooking the sea. The castle was filled with traps and hidden passages and there were hidden stairs leading to a sea cave. Madame Vulture was rather unfriendly to anyone who came near her castle, and this brought her into conflict with Dart Daring.

Madame Vulture was described as tall, and she carried a vulture on her shoulder that was used to signal her men. She also carried a gun and commanded a gang armed with swords.

Golden Age Appearances

  • "Wow" Comics #16

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