Madeline Payne

Real Name

Madeline Payne

First Appearance

Madeline Payne‚ the Detective's Daughter (1883)

Original Publisher

Created by

Unknown (pseudonym used was "Lawrence L. Lynch" *see notes*)


Madeline was the daughter of Lionel Payne, a remarkably skilled detective known and feared by criminals as "Payne, the Expert." Lionel was shot dead while pursuing a case when Madeline was only six months old. Her mother married a selfish scheming man named John Arthur who wanted the small fortune that she had inhereted. When Madeline's mother died, she left her stepfather and swore to get revenge on him for all the pain he had caused her mother. She supported herself taking on a career as a detective.

She did get her revenge and had a number of adventures. After gaining her inheritance, she traveled to Europe and eventually she married her friend, Dr. Clarence Vaughn. Madeline was attractive with blonde hair, brown eyes and pale cheeks. She was pretty wrathful towards evil doers.

Public Domain Literary Appearances

  • Madeline Payne‚ the Detective's Daughter (1883)
  • Moina, A Detective Story (1891)


  • "Lawrence L. Lynch" is possibly a pseudonym of Emma Murdoch Van Deventer.