Magician from Bagdad

Real Name

Nadir Shan

First Appearance

Spitfire Comics #1 (Dec. 1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

John Giunta


Nadir Shan, the young King of Bagdad, is the victim of a plot by his advisor, a sorcerer. But Nadir Shan escapes and finds a “glowing olden jug” which contains a genie. Nadir Shan lets the genie go in exchange for magical powers. The genie, having previously sworn to kill the next person who used him, tries to send Shan into a different time and place. Shan and the genie battle, and the genie wins, throwing Shan into the future of 1990. The traitorous sorcerer sends elementals after Shan, and the elementals go on a rampage before Shan finally defeats them. Shan eventually returns to Bagdad and avenges himself on his traitorous advisor.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Spitfire Comics #1-2


"Bagdad" (without an H) is how it was spelled in the comics. As a transliteration from the Arabic, spellings vary, and Bagdad was more common then Baghdad in the 1920s and was starting to lose popularity in 1941.

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