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Mainline Publications
Cover to Police Trap #1


New York, NY, United States of America





Company Background

Mainline Publications, also called Mainline Comics, was a short-lived, 1950s American comic book publisher established and owned by Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. The company operated between 1953 and 1956, publishing four main titles in a variety of genres. In common with many independent publishers of the period, mainline was financially crippled by both the Comics Code Controversy and the industry-wide slump that followed. According to most sources, all of Mainline's creative properties were sold to Charlton, which continued publishing several of the ongoing series, some under their original names. These include:

  • Bullseye: Western Scout (Western), #1-5. Charlton Comics published #6-7
  • Foxhole (war), #1-4. Charlton Comics published #5-7
  • In Love (romance), #1-4. Charlton Comics published #5-6, then renamed it I Love You
  • Police Trap (crime), #1-4. Charlton Comics published #5-6

Many of Mainline's characters are now in the public domain due to lapsed copyright.


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