Professor Malcom Salem

Real Name

Malcom Salem

First Appearance

Space Adventures #25 (Sept. 1958)

Original Publisher


Created by

Joe Gill, Bill Molno


A mysterious spacecraft comes to Earth to sample large swaths of dirt from the planet using an enormous dredge device. Professor Malcom Salem investigates with his assistant, Judd. He reports the extra-terrestrial dredge ship, yet is at first dismissed. When the dredge is seen in action, the fact is indisputable.

Under Salem's recommendation, U.N. countries band together to destroy the alien threat. With the threat destroyed, the nations band together to establish the U.N. Guard Patrol at Salem's further recommendation. The Patrol consists of a fleet of manned, nuclear-powered rockets to fend off extra-terrestrial attacks on the Earth.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Space Adventures #25

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