Man In Black
Man in Black

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Front Page Comic Book (1945)

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Golden Age Origin

The Man in Black, who was sometimes also called Fate and Kismet, was a host character. He did sometimes participate in the story, often hiding his face because he claimed that looking at it was fatal. He worked with the Weaver, a woman who wove the patterns of life. He also interacted with Venus and Cupid who would sometimes thwart Fate's plan to help the occasional mortal.

Man in Black Harvey is Death

The Man in Black casually mentions he is ... Death

Strictly speaking, Man in Black is neither purely good nor purely evil. The punishments he delivers stems directly from the actions of the human beings that are being punished, and some are definitely more deserving than others.

Golden Age Appearances


His first appearance was in 1945 in Front Page Comic Book one shot, according to the Standard Guide to Golden Age Comics and The Golden Age Hero Directory. He was revived in 1957.

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