Marcus Kemp

Real Name


First Appearance

Haunted Thrills #10 (July 1953)

Created by

Jerry Iger


Sandra Cummings wants Dr. Marcus Kemp to take her to a Mardi Gras masquerade ball. He agrees, but instead sends his robot-double he designed, planning to have robot trick Sandra so he can work. When the robot misunderstands a cabbie saying, "I'll kill you!" over his unpaid fare, the robot kills the cabbie instead. At the party, Sandra wants to kiss him on the terrace. The robot thinks she said "kill", leading the self-preservation to kick in. Robot Marcus Kemp kills her instead.

When a lynch mob forms, Robot Marcus Kemp leads them back to Dr. Kemps lab, telling him there is trouble. Dr. Kemp sees the lynch mob, and notes the blood-soaked cape the robot wears. The doctor utterly destroys Robot Marcus Kemp, leaving no evidence to display to the bloodthirsty lynch mob when it arrives. Dr. Marcus Kemp is lynched in lieu of Robot Marcus Kemp, the real murderer.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Haunted Thrills #10

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