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Marine Explorer Vehicle

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Marine Explorer Vehicle

Real Name


First Appearance

Weird Thrillers #2 (Winter 1951)

Original Publisher


Created by

Henry Sharp


June 10, 2994. Marine explorer Dan Vickerson completes his week-long deep sea mission in his strange, tracked exploration vehicle. As he prepares to surface, his vehicle is attacked by a large and powerful sea serpent. Dan uses his "electo bolt" to get the creature to release the ship. He calls the surface contact, but gets no reply.

The Marine Explorer Vehicle moves across the bottom of great bodies of water, such as the ocean or large lakes. It can also move about on land. It is a vehicle with continuous tracks to motivate it along. It can sustain its occupants for an extended period of time. It has powerful lights and observation windows to observe deep-sea marine life.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Weird Thrillers #2

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