Mark Swift

Real Name

Mark Swift

First Appearance

Slam-Bang Comics #1 (March, 1940)

Original Publisher


Created by


Golden Age Origin

Mark Swift was an orphan in the town of Greenville, who was adopted by his grade school teacher, Rodney Kent. Kent was actually a genius who built a time machine called a "time retarder," and which he dubbed the History Express. Kent decided that instead of simply teaching Mark history, he would show him history, taking him on trips into the distant past. Mark and Rodney were not simply content to observe history, however. They felt compelled to solve mysteries, battle injustice and help those in need. Over the course of their adventures, they encountered many famous historical figures, including Napoleon, King Richard the Lionheart, Alexander the Great and Blackbeard. Mark was an Eagle Scout and demonstrated great resourcefulness on his adventures.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Slam-Bang Comics #1-7
  • Master Comics #7

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