Mark Victus
Mark Victus

Real Name

Mark Victus

First Appearance

Thrilling Wonder Stories (September, 1940)

Original Publisher

Better Publications Inc.

Created by

Frederic Arnold Kummer, Jr.

Mark Victus was a young Rhin pilot, forced to labor in the radium mines on the Martian moon, Phobus. The Thelite government, under Karragon, the dictator of Mars, used Victus and other prisoners to work the mines. Victus pilots a Thelite ship stolen in an escape engineered by Greg Zhor. Victus managed to land the crippled ship on an asteroid before it ran out of fuel.

"Beneath Mark Victus' pale radium rotted face one would not recognize the bronzed young pilot who,a year before had commanded a liner on the Jovian run."

Skills and Abilities

Mark Victus was a trained, accomplished space pilot of significant skill.

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