Marvel Maid
Marvel Maid

Real Name

Priscilla Carbon

First Appearance

Fat and Slat #2 (1947)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ed Wheelan

Golden Age Origin

Priscilla Carbon, a young newspaper reporter, was secretly Marvel Maid, the strongest and fastest woman in the world. She was assisted by Little Luke the messenger boy who was the only one who knew her secret identity.

Marvel Maid's enemies were Bad Butch and his minion Baldy who managed to steal her necklace, but with the help of Comics McCormick, Marvel Maid is able to capture the crooks and retrieve her necklace.


Her powers came from her black Congo pearl necklace given to her as a baby by an African witch-doctor. They included flight, super strength and speed.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Fat and Slat #2


Marvel Maid is comic book character within the comic book whose adventures are read by Comics McCormick. After reading Marvel Maid Comics, he has a daydream about having an adventure with her.

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