Marvin the Great
Marvin the Great

Real Name

Marvin Smith

First Appearance

Atoman #1 (1946)

Original Publisher


Created by

JCA [Jason Comic Art] studio

Golden Age Origin

“Once upon a time there was a peaceful little man named Marvin Smith. One day, he wished he had the strength of Mars, the God of War. No sooner had he wished than Mars showed up and granted him the power that was to turn Marvin Smith into that scintillating scourge of scoundrels - Marvin the Great!”

So read the blurb on the splash page of Marvin’s one and only appearance. A small, henpecked accountant, he could transform into an armored superhero by opening up a book on Mars. Possessing the generic powers of flight, invulnerability to bullets and great strength, he saved his own boss Mr. Goldbucks from kidnappers that were collecting millionaires to hold for ransom.

How Mr. Goldbucks was ever fooled by a costume that didn’t hide Marvin’s distinctive pencil mustache or diminutive size must have boggled even the minds of children, especially since this hero had the same name as his secret identity.

He was married to Mable.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Atoman #1

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