Marvo 1.2. Go+
The superboy of the year 2680

Real Name

Marvo 1.2. Go+

First Appearance

Superworld Comics #2 (1940)

Original Publisher

Kosmos Publication

Created by

Charles Hornig and Frank R. Paul

Golden Age Origin

Marvo 1.2. Go+, the Superboy of the Year 2680, is a sci-fi hero of the future who fights foes such as the vest-wearing Antmen of Antar, the Antarenes. He is the son of one of the world's greatest scientists, and while only 15 years old, Marvo has inherited his father's intelligence. The "+" at the end of Marvo's name is a status symbol, usually awarded only to ten chosen adult men, which gives a person access to use the "Super-Hypnobioscope" that allows them to learn while they sleep. Aided by his friend Bud, Marvo has all types of adventures.


cover to SuperWorld Comics

Powers and Abilities

Marvo is a scientific genius that while only 15 years old but has the knowledge of an average scientist of forty. He uses fantastic devices such as electronic pea sized bombs and a shock gun that is able to render anyone asleep.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Superworld Comics #2-3


Superworld Comics was edited by Hugo Gernsbac, who created Ralph 124c 41 +. Marvo and Ralph are clearly intended to exist in roughly the same future reality, though Marvo's stories take place 20 years later.

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