Real Name


First Appearance

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1876)

Original Publisher

American Publishing Company

Created by

Samuel Clemens (as "Mark Twain")


Mary is Tom's "saintly" cousin. She helps Tom memorize his Bible verses, and has memorized enough herself to receive two Bible prizes in Sunday School. Even when Tom's at his most incorrigible, she can usually find something nice to say on his behalf. She's the antidote to Tom's poisonously annoying brother, Sid, for she acts out of genuine affection rather than malice. She lives with them and their aunt, Polly, in St. Petersburg, Missouri.

Public Domain Appearances


  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


  • Tom Sawyer (1917)
  • Huck and Tom (1918)


Although many sites mention her last name as being "Sawyer," this is never stated in the novels (although she is definitely a cousin of Tom and Sid's). She, like Polly, never has a last name given.

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