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Masked Marvel
Masked Marvel 2
Masked Marvel #2

Real Name


First Appearance

Keen Detective Funnies #7 (Jul 1939)

Original Publisher


Created by

Ben Thompson

Golden Age Origin

Masked Marvel was a hero whose secret identity was unknown. He fought crime with the help of a trio of assistants known as ZL, ZR, and ZY. He operated out of a glass-domed mountaintop headquarters. He had a number of gadgets and weapons such as a telepathically controlled plane, a zeppelin, a paralyzing ray gun, and a televisor - a device which let him see anywhere in the world. The Masked Marvel had undefined levels of super strength that included feats such as lifting a dinosaur over his head and may have possessed some form of telekinesis to operate his plane.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Detective Eye #1
  • Keen Detective Funnies #7-24
  • Masked Marvel #1-3


  • The identity of Philip Reinhart originated in the Protectors series published by Malibu Comics. As with other Protectors characters, that version of Masked Marvel is owned by Marvel Comics (which purchased Malibu Comics' non-creator-owned assets) and is NOT public domain.

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