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Masked Marvel (2)

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Masked Marvel (2)

Real Name

Chet Fairchild

First Appearance

Gunsmoke #1 (1949)

Original Publisher

Youthful Magazines

Created by

Graham Ingels

Golden Age Origin

Chet was the son of millionaire oil man, Colonel Carlton Fairchild. He seemed to be a lazy playboy, lounging about all day with his head buried in science books. His sister, Vera was disgusted with him.

Secretly, however, Chet was the gunslinging hero known as the Masked Marvel. He wore a skull mask to terrify criminals (much like Ghost Rider), and he fought crime with a pair of six shooters and a fast horse. He was an excellent fighter, marksman, and rider. He was also a good detective and presumably well read.


Golden Age Appearances

  • Gunsmoke #1-16

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