The Masked Ranger

Real Name


First Appearance

Masked Ranger #1 (April, 1954)

Original Publisher

Premier Magazines

Created by

Sid Check


Very little was revealed about the mysterious Masked Ranger. It is known that he started out as a shy bank clerk in the town of Mill Valley near Sequoia, California. There, he was trained to fight for justice by an old lawman named Swede Larson, who convinced him that the town needed a hero. After Larson was killed and the town was saved from the bank owner (Rigby), The Masked Ranger wandered the west, defending pioneers from hostile natives and white outlaws.

The Masked Ranger was a good rider, fighter and crack shot, who carried a pair of revolvers. He rode a white horse named Streak, given to him by Larson and they were often accompanied by a loyal attack dog named Thunder.

Public Domain Comic Appearances

  • Masked Ranger #1-9


  • Though not dying in his final appearance, it was titled, "Death of the Masked Ranger."

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