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Master Simian
Master Simian
The Master Simian of Ollearan

Real Name

Unknown (see under Notes)

First Appearance

Open Source Characters Facebook Group (June 2016)

Created by

Robert Blezard


Master Simian is a highly-intelligent, apelike-alien from an unknown dimension. He arrived in the Dimension of Centras through a ripple in time. He crashed in his Timebreaker on the third planet (called Ollearan) of the solar realm of Zhaunal. During the crash, he was nearly killed. He survived by using the wreckage of the ship to graft several jury-rigged cybernetic enhancements onto himself.

Master Simian is known to be massive for one of his species. While standing upright, he is 14 feet in height. His living body is muscular and his cybernetic limbs are highly durable. The symbol on his stomach is a permanent brand that was put on him by something he refers to as “my atrocious mentor.” He often brags to his foes “I killed my mentor and you are nothing compared to the horror I've already faced.”

Master Simian's home dimension was destroyed by a temporal event that the alien ape boasts was his doing. Unable to defeat his rivals, he decided to erase them from history. He feels little remorse for the lost reality. As a result, the time-traveling magician Doctor Chronos considers Master Simian his greatest nemesis. Master Simian hates Doctor Chronos, and the previous conflicts between the two of them have been brutal and legendary.

The world known as Ollearan is a primitive Jungle world that is mainly filled with diverse saurian species and small mammalians with animal-like instincts. Master Simian quickly came to dominate the world's largest continent and has tamed the local simian aliens to be his troop of followers. While the Apeids of Ollearan are few with low intelligence, they are now completely loyal to Master Simian.

While Master Simian has yet to attack the other worlds of Zhaunal overtly, he has made strides in duplicating the temporal technology that brought him to Centras. Doctor Chronos has stopped Master Simian's temporal machinations over and over, which enrages The Green Gorilla. His frustrations might cause him to seek a more violent confrontation with the peoples and worlds of Zhaunal.

Master Simian has a semi-intelligent pet dinosaur named Scalebyte. The dinosaur's brain and body has been enhanced with biotechnology and cybernetic implants.


While Master Simian's intellect is staggering, he isn't considered a super-genius. His alien physiology has been enhanced by the energy that flows through all of Centras' realms. He has a natural ability to blend into the foliage of Ollearan, but it is more than just natural camouflage. He can bend light around himself, which allows him to shimmer in and out of the visible spectrum. When he does this, even his integrated cybernetics and biotechnology disappears.

After the initial crash on Ollearan, Master Simian spent over a year recovering using haphazard cybernetic implants. As his power base on Ollearan grew, he found the time to dedicate himself to crafting better cybernetics and biotechnology upgrades. As a result, he is now twice as strong as a normal member of his species, which was already extraordinary. He has strength that rivals even Helix Kheros, but it is manufactured strength and can be reduced as his cybernetics are damaged.

Due to his physical condition, Master Simian has become a supreme engineer when it comes to cybernetics and biotechnology. He can graft metal and constructed bio-matter onto almost any living organism.

Master Simian also has the ability to mentally dominate the primitive Apeids of Ollearan. He can extend this power to aliens with evolutionary origins to apelike creatures, but it only lasts for up to three hours (for the extremely dull-witted). The ability has no power over saurians or other types of alien life.

Rogues Gallery

Master Simian has gained more and more foes as he's put his various plans into action. While he actively avoids the attention of Helix of Centras and the Worlds' Elders, he cares little for who he upsets or from who he steals technology. Besides Doctor Chronos (who came up with the derogatory nickname of "Techmonkey"), his most hated heroic foe is the Iron Marksman who constantly thwarts his raids against Fluxtechnologies' holdings. His most hated villainous rival is the demonic Hellion.


Master Simian's real name is a secret unknown to even to his most loyal minions. His real name is "Sparkles," which was given to him by his alien mentor.  He hates it and anyone who discovers the truth and reveals it will be the subject of his wrath until they are dead.

Master Simian is designed to be an "Open-Source Character" for use by anyone. This includes the Dimension of Centras and the world of Ollearan. The only condition upon using the character is this paragraph must be included in any appearance(s):

"The character of Master Simian, and the setting of the Dimension of Centras are available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Master Simian, the world of Ollearan, or the Dimension of Centras, in order that others may use these properties as they wish. All rights reversed."

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