Maureen Marine

Real Name

Maureen Marine

First Appearance

Blue Circle Comics #1 (1944)

Original Publisher

Rural Home / Enwil / Croydon

Created by

Harold Delay

Golden Age Origin

Maureen was the daughter of a fishing boat captain from Gloucester, Massachusetts. After being told she wasn't old enough to sail with her father, she had stowed away aboard his ship. It was sunk by a Nazi U-boat attack and Maureen drowned. Maureen Marine protected her new home from the likes of Nazis and the Miromen.


After her death by drowning, Father Neptune revived her and gave her the ability to breathe underwater. She was also made Queen of Atlantis.

Maureen was a good tactician devising the plan to defeat the Miromen when they attacked Atlantis.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Blue Circle Comics #1-5

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