Mc Bane

Real Name

Mc Bane

First Appearance

Fantastic Worlds #5 (Summer 1952)

Original Publisher


Created by

Murphy Anderson


Captain Mark Henty of the Meteor Sweeper Service, hunts down potentially hazardous meteorites. His meteor-busting spaceship is named The Rammer. Assisting him is the hearty Mc Bane.

"Interplanetary girl reporter" Gloria Wheeler observes The Rammer as it blows up a meteorite. She is looking for something more dramatic to report and passes on the event.

Mc Bane points out an unusual asteroid. On closer inspection, Captain Henty decides it is full of diamonds, and worth a fortune. Hently orders the meteor hauled in with a net.

Mc Bane and some of the crew want to keep the treasure, but Captain Henty says it has to be turned in to the authorities.The crew members rush Mark when he attempts to control them with his laser pistol.

The crew overcomes him and throws him out into space to die. Gloria Wheeler sees him and picks him up in a 'space net'. Mark explains the situation to Gloria, and she agrees to help him track down the mutineers.

In Gloria's spaceship, they quickly catch up with the slower Rammer. The Rammer fires a "battering ram" beam at them. It misses. In response, Captain Henty nudges a meteorite at The Rammer and hits it.

The pair follows The Rammer as it crashes to the ground on a meteor. While they ruffians are still groggy, Mark and Gloria land and rush to the wounded vessel. In the lighter gravity, Hently manages to take out most of the rebelling crew with the captured meteor filled with diamonds and jewels.

Only Mc Bane remains of the criminal crew. He gets the drop on Mark with his raygun. Gloria throws her helmet at Mc Bane, making him lose the pistol. Captain Hently makes short work of the thief.

Captain Hently says he's not a hero, just a man doing his job. Gloria plans to write a story on him anyway.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Worlds #5

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