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Mighty Mite
Mighty mite
Mighty Mite and the hero he wishes he could be.

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First Appearance

Captain Aero Comics #15(1944)

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Golden Age Origin

Mighty Mite was Mickey, a young American boy living in the city of Rosedale. When his female friend, Teena, invited him to come to her costume party, he dressed up as a superhero named Mighty Mite. When he arrived at the party, he found that the crooks were holding the guests hostage. He managed to defeat the criminals through sheer luck rather than any particular effort, but the guests didn't know that, so he became a town hero.

Mickey and Teena

Mickey and Teena

From that point on, Mickey operated as Mighty Mite 24/7. He remained supernaturally lucky, but, to his credit, he tried his best to rise to his reputation and actually put some effort into crime-fighting. On at least one occasion, he demonstrated an ability to make his homemade flying contraption work by sheer force of will. Teena, who became his girlfriend, frequently accompanied Mickey on his adventures.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Captain Aero Comics #15, 17, 21-26

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