Millie Sears

Real Name

Millie Sears

First Appearance

Fantastic Fears #2

Original Publisher


Created by

Jerry Iger


Millie Sears is a dancer for money at a carnival. She attracts the attention of Chun, the Snake Charmer, who despises the show and stays only for his obsession with Millie. Chun reveals his affections, but Millie spurns him. Later, Joe Dugan convinces her that Chun has a lot of money, and if she can get the snake charmer to show her its location, the two of them can take it from him.


Chun with Millie, Joe cobras

Chun reveals to Millie the money is kept in the cobra cage with his two cobras. Joe and Millie go to retrieve the money. First, Joe kills Chun by stabbing him with a long, sharp instrument. He continues to the cobra cage, stabbing them to death as well. While they are retrieving the money, Chun shows up, saying Joe only stabbed a dummy. He calls down the Cobra Curse upon the two, turning Joe and Millie into cobras. He uses them in his show, amusing himself nights by controlling them with his flute while their forms as cobras with their human heads. They plead to be returned to human form, but Chun refuses. When the reed on his flute breaks, they take the opportunity to kill him with cobra venom.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Fantastic Fears #2

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