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Minute-Man -1

Real Name

Jack Weston

First Appearance

Master Comics #11 (1941)

Original Publisher


Created by

Charles Sultan

Golden Age Origin

U.S. Army Private Jack Weston wanted to do more to contribute to the war effort than just being stationed at Camp Blaine. He decided to put on a costume and fight Nazis as Minute-Man. He also became a member of the Crime Crusaders Club with Bulletman, Bulletgirl, and Captain Marvel Jr. He had no powers, but demonstrated tremendous strength, agility, courage and fighting prowess.

His enemies included Lady Illyria, X-33, Baron Hour, Dr. Fear, Dr. Feit, Dr. Hour, The Ear, The Hawk, Mr. Skeleton, The Purple Spy, the Black Dragon Society, and The Toymaker, among others.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Master Comics #11-49
  • Minute Man #1-3
  • America’s Greatest Comics #1-7


  • Only the Golden Age Minute-Man is in the public domain, all subsequent versions used by DC Comics and featured in the Image comic series Savage Dragon are NOT.

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