Miss Espionage

Real Name


First Appearance

Power Comics #3 (September, 1944)

Original Publisher


Created by

Rudy Palais


Miss Espionage was the daughter of the German spy known as Mata Hari. After her mother was executed, she was raised by her mother's handler, Von Bruno. He trained her from an early age to be a master spy for the Germans, and to seek revenge against the Western World for killing her mother. Miss Espionage briefly worked for the Nazis during World War II, but then Von Bruno turned on her and attempted to kill her. Miss Espionage's life was saved by an American agent named Major Smithson, who intended to capture her. However, Miss Espionage claimed that she had realized the error of her ways, and that she only wished to make up for the evil deeds that she and her mother had committed. Smithson had sympathy for the girl and let her go. Miss Espionage then swore to dedicate her life to fighting tyranny.

Miss Espionage was trained, nearly from birth to be a master spy, with all the skills that a spy needs. Miss Espionage proved to be a master of disguise and a fighter capable of engaging more than one man in hand to hand combat. She was also an excellent athlete and pilot. Apparently, she spoke both German and English.

Golden Age Appearances

Power Comics #3-4

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