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Miss Madelyn Mack

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Miss Madelyn Mack

Real Name

Madelyn Mack

First Appearance

Miss Madelyn Mack, Detective (novel, 1914)

Original Publisher

Created by

Hugh C. Weir


Madelyn was a college educated New York city detective. She began her career as an assistant house detective for the Niegel Dry Goods store. Her success makes her quite wealthy and she set up her own detective agency on Fifth Avenue, employing several agents and a secretary. She also owned a country house located north of New York City overlooking the Hudson River. She is wealthy enough that she only takes cases that really interest her. When she is depressed or bored, she endulges in Cola berries. She has dull blonde hair, and blue-gray eyes. She usually dresses all in white or all in black.

Supporting Cast

  • Nora Noraker: A reporter who followed Madelyn's exploits.
  • Susan Bolton: Madelyn's housekeeper.

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