The Mongoose

Real Name


First Appearance

Unknown (see "Notes")

Original Publisher

Commercial Signs of Canada/Bell Features

Created By

Bill Thomas

 Golden Age Origin

A Canadian private investigator who solved crimes with the assistance of his talking pet raven, Tom.

Golden Age Appearances

  • Active Comics #23-24
  • Commando Comics #21
  • Dime Comics #22-23
  • Joke Comics #26
  • Triumph Comics #24-25
  • "WOW" Comics #26


  • The Mongoose is unique among Bell Feature characters as the only strip to appear in six separate books, rotating throughout the company's entire selection of titles (with the exception of The Funny Comics, which exclusively published the adventures of Dizzy Don).
  • Due to the bizarre publishing schedule of The Mongoose stories mentioned above, Bell Features lack of proper dating, and the fact that the character never had an "origin" story, it is nearly impossible to determine the character's actual first appearance. The closest we can get is either Triumph Comics #24 and Dime Comics #22, both estimated to have been published February-March 1945.

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