Mono the Air Cobra

Real Name


First Apperance

Rocket Comics (unknown issue)

Original Publisher

Maple Leaf Publishing

Created by

Shirley Fortune


A costumed fighter pilot pursued by both Canadian law enforcement and the criminal underworld.

Despite his label as an outlaw, Mono secretly had a rookie cop confidant whom he could turn to in times of need.

His enemies included gangster Jet Condor.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Rocket Comics
    • vol. 2 #5, 7, 9
    • vol. 3 #1, 2
    • vol. 4 #3
    • vol. 5 #5-6, 9-10


  • Although his outfit was inked jet black in every single adventure, whenever Mono appeared on the covers of Rocket Comics (his only coloured appearances) his suit would be depicted as bright red.
  • Female comic book creator Shirley Fortune shortened her name when crediting her work on Mono to "Ley Fortune," possibly out of fear that Mono's predominately male audience would reject a hero created by a woman.
  • While Mono is NOT among the many Canadian heroes resurrected/reinvented for Ty Templeton's Northern Guard series, he is subtly referenced when Johnny Canuck reveals that he named his ship the "Air Cobra."

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