Moon Man

Real Name

Stephen Thatcher

First Appearance

"The Sinister Sphere" (in Ten Detective Aces, June 1, 1933)

Original Publisher

Ace Magazines

Created by

Frederick Clyde Davis


Stephen was a police detective and son of the police chief of Great City. He donned a globular helmet made of one way Argus glass to fight crime at night and steal the ill gotten gains of the corrupt. As the moon man, he also wore a black cloak and gloves. He stole money from criminals and distributed it to the needy. He also carried an automatic and was willing to kill criminals. He battled the Red Six, and picked them off one by one.

Supporting Cast

  • Sue McEwen: The daughter of Lt. Gill McEwen. She fell in love with Stephen and eventually learned Moon Man's identity.
  • Lt. Gill McEwen: The Great City lawman most obsessed with bringing in the Moon Man.
  • Peter Thatcher: Stephen's father and chief of police in Great City.
  • Angel (Ned Dargan): A reformed thug and former boxer who was put in charge of distributing the money that the Moon Man took from his criminal opponents.

Public Domain Appearances

  • Ten Detective Aces (06/01/33-01/01/37)


Moon Man inspired the hero Raven, at least the first story was based on the first Moon Man story.

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